Passive Capillary Drainage – Knighton Heath GC: Winter 2021

The club management is pleased to inform the membership that this winter, contractors DJuke Limited will install Passive Capillary Drainage into the our 8th and 17th greens. The aim of this project is to greatly improve the drainage of these greens so that they are open for play all year round with improved surface quality.

The process for installing Passive Capillary Drainage is as follows:

  1. Outfall Trenches for main outlet pipe will be excavated on the low side of the green
  2. The green will be Verti-Drained to relieve surface tension ready for installation
  3. Ropes will be laid out across the green at 1m intervals from the back of the green towards the outfall trench
  4. Contractors DJuke will install the ropes into the green at a depth of 300mm, which will be backfilled with the kiln dried sand and rolled flat
  5. The ropes will be connected into the outlet pipe and sealed
  6. The drain lines will then be rolled flat with a turf roller
  7. Outfall trench backfilled with gravel and topsoil and compacted flat, topped with rootzone and compacted flat to prepare for turfing
  8. All exposed areas re-turfed
  9. Green solid tined using 12mm tines at a depth of 200mm
  10. Finally, the green will be top dressed with the excess sand to fill the holes and leave a finished product ready for play
  11. The process should take a few days to complete with both greens aimed to be re-open for play in 1 week.

The process is demonstrated visually by the video that Parkstone Golf Club produced when DJuke Limited installed PC Drainage in their 6th, 8th and 17th greens last winter.

Click HERE to view the video

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