downloadWelcome to our 100 CLUB – a great way for you to support your golf club whilst having a bit of a flutter!

Here’s how it works…

The cost is £120 pa or £10 per month.


Members are encouraged to set up a Standing Order for either £10 per month or a once-off payment of £120 for the year.

Payment must reach the KHGC 100 Club banking account by 12:00 on the Friday of the draw.

Account Name: KHGC 100 Club
Lloyds Bank
Account No: 64511860
Sort Code: 30-96-73

This buys you one membership number (we will allocate), which enters you into the monthly draw. All participants must be over the age of 18.

The draw will take place in the Clubhouse on the last Friday of each month at 19:00.

If you win, you will be paid in cash and your name will be published on the club website and monthly newsletter.

The total prize money each month will be 45% of the membership fees taken that month.

First Prize – 20%
Second Prize – 15%
Christmas Draw Accumulation - 10%

The remaining 55% goes to the club, to fund approved projects as agreed with the Management Committee.

Any queries, please contact Colin Flay on 07899 744706 or email .



Date of Draw 1st Prize 2nd Prize Project Fund
27 Sept 2019 M Collins - £68.00 R Trevett - £51.00 £191.00
25 Oct 2019 T Townsend - £60.00 T Kalashyan - £45.00 £195.03
29 Nov 2019 P Broadbent - £64.00 J Lambert - £48.00 £208.06
20 Dec 2019 T Kalashyan - £89.60 M Collins - £67.20 £163.26
31 Jan 2020 K Harrington - £66.00 S Cutner - £49.50 £181.57
28 Feb 2020 D Haines - £58.00 D McGuigan - £43.50 £159.58
31 July 2020 E Cross - £140.00 D Knight - £95.00 £498.34
    K Harrington - £95.00  
31 July 2020  R Trevett - £60.00  A Parsons - £45.00 £147.02
28 August 2020 A Summers - £50 P Groom - £35.00 £132.02
25 September E Cross - £40 D Haines - £25 £115.02
TOTAL     £1 990.90

Total won by members as at 25 September 2020 - £1 294.80

December 2020 Bonus accrual - £225.00

Next Draw - Friday 30 October 2020

100 Club Committee Members:
Messrs C Flay (Chairman), M Collins & M Welch



  1. For a cost of £10 per month (i.e. per draw) you will be allocated one number.
  1. A draw will be made every month with a 1st & 2nd prize.
  1. The prizes will total 45% of the monthly income.
  1. This will be apportioned as: 1st prize of 20% and 2nd prize of 15%. 10% will be retained and accumulated for the December draw.
  1. The prizes for December will be higher with a 1st prize of 30%, 2nd prize of 20% and 3rd prize of 15% of the monthly income together with the accumulated funds as noted in 4.
  1. The 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all members and staff of KHGC. Anyone age 18 or over can join.
  1. Payments must be made by standing order (preferably annually), with as reference your initials and surname e.g. A N Other or annual cheque. One month’s notice is required for cancellation.
  1. Member’s numbers will only be entered into the draw if their monthly draw subscription is up to date.
  1. If a member has no valid reason for missing a payment, their number may be allocated to someone else.
  1. The draw shall be made by one of the 100 Club Committee members on the last Friday of each month at 19:00.
  1. The winners will receive cash prizes. If they have not attended the draw night, their prize/s will be held in the office for collection.
  1. The name and numbers for each month’s winners will be posted in the club monthly newsletter and on the club website.
  1. The 100 Club will be run by an appointed Sub-Committee of the Captains Committee. In case of any dispute the decision of the 100 Club Sub-Committee is final.
  1. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the 100 Club if his/her subscription renewal remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  1. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into KHGC 100 Club funds after six months.

To download the above information, click HERE.





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