Health & Safety on our course

Playing golf at Knighton Heath is a special experience because of its rolling parkland setting with natural undulations which give rise to steep slopes in places. In addition we have rabbits and moles digging holes to trip the unwary.

Golf by its very nature can be a dangerous game, we therefor draw your attention to the following.

Adverse Weather Conditions

The signal for suspension of play is one prolonged note of klaxon. Please leave the course as soon as possible after klaxon sounds.

Ice and Frost

Greenkeeping staff will check the golf course for any safety issues and advise the golf reception whether the course is safe to open before the first tee time.

When there is no frost but the ground is frozen to a depth of more than 3 inches full greens will be in use unless the ground is expected to thaw out throughout the course of the day, in which case the winter greens will remain in play to eliminate any chance of damage to the full greens.

Green-keeping staff will advise the Pro Shop before the first tee time and if need be throughout the day.

Extreme caution MUST be taken when conditions are icy.

Do your own risk assessment and ask yourself if you really need to be playing golf when conditions are frosty or icy.

Paths and Bridges are not gritted on the course and could be slippery. Care MUST be taken when using them. When using constructed paths please take care as they are uneven in places.

Slopes can be slippery even in dry weather so please take special care and always consider using a longer route with a gentler slope when negotiating them. Our greens staff do all that is reasonable to keep steps and paths clear of mud but these areas can still become slippery in wet or frosty conditions and care should be taken at all times when using them.

Thunder and Lightning

In the event of thunder and lightning the golf course will close with immediate effect.

If klaxon is sounded you MUST leave the course immediately. Players are advised to leave the course or take shelter in the event of a storm even if you do not hear the klaxon.

Poor Visibility Fog/Mist

If the 1st fairway bunker cannot be seen from the yellow tee, then play will be suspended until conditions improve.

The decision to close the course for fog lays with the greens staff as fog can fall at anytime of the day and they can check the weather forecast at regular intervals. If there is ever any doubt whether the course is safe to play due to foggy conditions the course will close.

Golfers must take extra care to check where they are hitting is clear of other golfers and green-keeping staff/Students.

Anyone playing in ‘foggy’ conditions does so entirely at their own risk.

Flooding / Heavy Rain

The weather can vary from day-to-day or even hour to hour, therefor we do not offer a rain check policy.

Greenkeeping staff will check the course to ensure it is safe and playable. They will also advise whether the ground conditions are suitable for buggies to be allowed out.

In the event of sudden down pours when no greenkeeping staff are on site the Pro Shop staff will inspect the 18th green for water laying on the surface and make a decision on whether golf can be played under such conditions.

Strong winds

In the event of strong winds (39 + mph), where branches falling from trees are a concern the course must close. The Pro Shop will sound the klaxon to notify golfers to stop play and come in from the course.

Retrieval of Golf Balls

We do not advise retrieving golf balls from ponds. Anyone retrieving a ball from a water hazard does so at their own risk.

Delayed Starting

In the event of delayed starting due to frost delays or inclement weather, golf course staff will utilise discretion to start play in an appropriate and reasonable manner.


Most of our bunkers are fairly easy to get in and out of. The direct route to your bunkered ball is not always the easiest. Please enter and exit the bunkers at the shallowest point.

Members of the Public

Please be tolerant of non golfers who use Knighton Heath Golf Club. Please be patient and only hit the ball when you know they are safe and not within range including the shot which may go astray.


We hope that this advice will help you to have a safe and enjoyable round.

Polite Notice

In the interests of Health and Safety, Greenkeeping Staff have right of way over play whilst carrying out essential maintenance tasks on the golf course.

If for any reason you are held up due to a maintenance task being carried out, please wait until the Greenkeeper moves over to a safe area and waves for you to resume play.

The Greenkeeping Team will do all they can to ensure your game is not held up for any longer than is necessary.

We would like to thank you for your co-operation.

Heatwave - July 22


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