Golfers should note that everyone has a responsibility for their own, and others safety. As a player you have a responsibility to report any dangerous occurrences or accidents you are made aware of so that these are included in the ongoing risk assessment process. Members and visitors alike, should make the Club Professional, a member of the club management/committee, or at very least, their playing partners, aware of any medical conditions which may affect their abilities in this sport.

Be aware that a golf course, by its nature, is usually played on an uneven surface, made of grass that can become slippery, especially when wet. Extra care must be taken when either inclining or descending steep slopes. To avoid slips and falls, players are advised to negotiate slopes at an area of minimal gradient, especially when entering bunkers, ditches or hollows.

The practice area is situated at the rear of the golf club; it will enable you to “warm-up” prior to your round. Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball, stones or other loose impediments that may be moved by the stroke or swing.

First aid, and/or First aid boxes are available in the club house at the bar (during club opening hours only). The Dedefibrillatorfibrillator can be found in the main lounge at the door to the Committee Room. The bar staff are fully trained First Aiders, which includes using the defibrillator.

Players are also advised to carry a mobile phone in case of emergency (switched to silent or off).

Before starting your round, and during, ensure that playing partners are standing either to the side of you, but ideally behind you before you make a stroke or a practice swing. It is also your responsibility to shout “Fore” if there is a risk of someone being hit by your golf ball to allow them time to take appropriate action to avoid being hit.

Pathways are provided to prevent excessive wear along high usage areas, please use them, but once again take extra care on steeper sloping pathways, located on the 4th, 5th, 8th, 12th, 13th and 14th holes, especially when wet.

If you are using a golf buggy or trolley, do not take them into the rough, wooded areas, bunkers, on or close to the greens, you are not allowed to take them into the heather. Use the pathways where they are provided and follow the directional signage that is around the course. (If you are using a “hired club buggy” a risk assessment is attached to the windscreen, please take time to read this.)  When entering any of the above on foot, watch your footing, trips and falls are commonplace in these areas, and beware of twigs & branches.(During the summer months there may be Adders in all of these areas.)

Should your ball go into a bunker during your round, always enter at the lowest point, rake the bunker after your shot and leave the rake in a safe position, not with the tines pointing upwards.

Be aware of vehicles and pedestrians passing along the road/footpath from either side when playing the 3rd and 18th holes. (Also the 1st hole, but will only effect play when using the white tees)

A bell is situated in two locations on the course, firstly on the right hand side of the 9th green, (when leaving the green please ring to inform the group behind that you have now cleared the green) and another on the left hand side of the 12th hole as you walk onto the pathway at the end of the fairway (ring the bell to inform the group behind that the fairway is now clear).

After your round, players are encouraged to use the shoe cleaning facilities; this reduces the risk of slipping on hard surfaces when returning to the car park.

Players choosing to use the air compressor should observe the following:-

  1. Safety glasses should be worn during use.
  2. The trigger should only be pulled when the nozzle is pointing towards your shoes.
  3. Never point it towards you or anyone else’s skin or face.
  4. When finished hang the gun and glasses back onto their respective hooks.

Enjoy your round and stay safe!


Course Safe Practise

Club Health & Safety Policy Statement

Golf Buggy Safety Policy




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