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DCGA Golf Meeting

Wed 16th Jul 2014 09:30 - 11:00

Dear Club Secretary / Manager,
It’s that time of year again when we begin to put together the programme of Meetings for the 2014
Dorset County Golf Association. I would be grateful if you would consider ‘hosting’ the event on
the dates suggested below.
Venue: Knighton Heath Golf Club
Date: Wednesday 16 July 2014
As you are aware the DCGA Meetings are put together with the intention of raising funds for the
annual Junior Coaching programme. The money raised each year is on average some £2000
which, is of great benefit to the Junior Coaching programme.
The charge per member at these events is £20; of which the club will receive £12.00 per player.
(Home club players do not incur the cost of a green fee.)
If in agreement to the fixture it is requested the tee is booked out to the DCGA from 0930 - 1200
hrs. We find the majority of those taking part will either eat prior to their start time or on
completion. Average numbers taking part will be between 40/50.
Ian Hulse

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